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Easily add DAB digital radio per USB stick

The VSX-934, VSX-832, VSX-932, VSX-LX302 multi-channel receivers and the SX-N30AE stereo receiver include an RDS tuner for UHF as standard equipment. If you want to use DAB digital radio, adding it at low cost is a snap with the AS-DB100. The AS-DB100 is simply connected to the USB port on the back of the aforementioned Pioneer models, automatically integrating itself into the input selection and user guidance on these devices. Operation of the DAB add-on is no different from an integrated receiver and the signal quality is not limited in any way thanks to digital sound transmission and conversion with the receiver’s high-quality DACs. So you can choose DAB at any time after purchasing the receiver – noise and interference-free digital radio is only two steps away.

Audio Features

  • Supports DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio
  • Tuning Range: 174.928 (5 A) - 239.200 (13 F) MHz Band III
  • Sensitivity: -98 dBm (Min)
  • Power Consumption: 120 mA
  • For Use with Compatible Pioneer Products


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