Advance Paris PlayStream A1

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Advance Paris

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2 x 52 Watts at 6 Ohms


Wi-Fi, multiroom and Bluetooth

HD streaming services

Control application

Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI: versatile and high-end hi-fi amplifier

In its own simplistic style, the Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI hi-fi amplifier offers ultra-modern functions. Here is a connected model that will give you multiple features thanks to its versatility. In addition to playing music from streaming services like Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify, it can also play songs that are shared on your local DLNA network and connect to other sources through its HDMI ARC port and analog inputs and digital. Find out more about this connected amp through the lines below.

Connected amplifier Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI: Ethernet and WiFi

Your Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI hi-fi amplifier offers dual Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to efficiently browse the Internet and access the local network. If you are a big fan of online music platforms like TuneIn, Tidal or Deezer, this is the opportunity to treat yourself. This WiFi hi-fi amplifier also gives the possibility of accessing thousands of internet radio stations to listen to broadcasts, music and other programs. Feel free to connect to the local network to play the shared music, thanks to DLNA compatibility. Almost all audio formats, even the most recent, are supported thanks to the AKM DAC, a high-end model.

Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI hi-fi amplifier: complete connectivity

Isn't it even more enjoyable to be able to enjoy great sound from your TV and other electronic sources? For this, you have a very comprehensive connection (analog and digital). 4 analog inputs and a pair of terminal blocks are completed with an HDMI ARC port, a coaxial and two optical inputs to provide you with the essentials in terms of connectivity. On the 4 analog inputs, you have 1 phono input to connect a vinyl turntable . With the HDMI ARC port, you can pair a 4K TVstate-of-the-art to your WiFi hi-fi amplifier to easily retrieve the sound station from TNT or streaming platforms. This is the opportunity for you to experience your films and series well through well-rendered soundtracks. Do not hesitate to combine a subwoofer for an even more exciting sound. The terminal blocks will allow you to connect banana plugs, large section cables or even forks to your connected amp.

Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI: high-end audio performance

You are probably wondering what the sound performance of the Advance Paris PlayStream A1 HDMI hi-fi amplifier is! Note above all that it has been designed from high-end materials carefully selected to give it audiophile standards. The architecture implements large capacitors as well as an oversized power supply so that a large enough current reserve is provided. Class AB amplification equipped with high precision transistors completes the picture to allow the reproduction of a power of 2 x 52 watts into 6 ohms with great precision. We also note a wide frequency response that extends from 20 Hertz to 80 kHz, enough to offer you a high-caliber audio broadcast with this connected amp. All you have to do is add the

Supplied accessories

 • Quick installation guide

• Remote control + batteries

• Wi-Fi antenna

• Power cord



Mark Advance Paris

Model PlayStream A1 HDMI

Color Black


Amplification class Class AB

Power per channel 52 Watts


Number of channels 2

RCA Line Inputs 3 entry (s)

Subwoofer outputs 1 exit (s)

Coaxial input 1 entry (s)

Optical input 2 entrance (s)

Network interface Wi-Fi, DLNA / UPnP, Ethernet RJ45

Additional Connectors HDMI input x 1, Headphone 6.35mm output x 1, MM phono input x 1, RCA output x 1

Audio processing

DAC converter Asahi Kasei AKM

Max Resolution 24 bits / 192 kHz


Wireless audio transmission Bluetooth (receiver)

Multiroom technology Advance PlayStream (Advance Paris)

Main streaming services Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, Tidal, Napster, Qobuz

Voice control Without voice assistant

Additional features Network player, Control application

Dimensions and weight

Width 430 mm

Height (mm) 135 mm

Depth 370 mm

Weight 9.75 Kg

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